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Your Site is very well made and very informative. Keep up the good work! Alex

We think it is important that you know what a terrific job you are doing. Your site is well organized, informative, interesting. It should satisfy the most discriminate visitor. Maria & Nikos, Greece

We have just seen your website, and found it very attractive and appropriate to be made business relationships with you. An Asian travel agent

I love your site. I wanted to find some good INFO on the country, and every site I went to just talked about how it was a 3rd world country, and all the wars that were going on there. Your site just talked about the good things in Yugoslavia, and that's what I really wanted!!! THANK YOU soooooooooo much!!! No signature

Dobro vece! Your web site is excellent. Dave, USA

Needless to say, your description of Belgrade sounds wonderful! Meridith, USA

You have an amazing web site. keep up the good work. Guy, South Africa

Lep pozdrav iz Slovenije. Vašim vodicima želimo puno uspeha u radu sa željom da se neki put možda i sretnemo.  Milan, Društvo turisticnih vodnikov Slovenije- sekcija Celje

This a really informative and useful site, not only for a prospective traveller to Beograd but to anyone who wants to know more about this fantastic city and its wonderful people. Well done on showing Beograd in its best light! Beckey, Australia

Wow! I have never had fast service like this. The world lacks people like you. Fernando, South Africa

I visited Belgrade in April and Branko Rabotic was an excellent guide. He has a website - just type in Belgrade City Tours and it will come up. Yugoslavia's a great country. I envy you going there. Have a great time and remember that any attempts at basic Serbian will open doors. Good luck! Lonely Planet, The Thorn Tree, posted: 07/02/2001

I am about to travel to Belgrade in a few days, and this site is almost all I need to know - an excellent effort! Nestoras, Greece, 12/13/2001

We spent this New Year eve in club Plato in Belgrade. It was excellent ... :) Your city is wonderful and very interesting. I hope to go there again. Great thanks for your site, for your advice, they help us a lot. :) Polina Zvereva, Russia,  01/16/2002

Ειναι πραγματι εντυπωσιακο και συναμα κατατοπιστικο το website σου. Αντωνης Παπαιωαννου απο το Τουριστικο Γραφειο ETOILE απο Θεσσαλονικη. Greece,  02/12/2002

May I thank you once more and congratulate you on your outstanding English.   I shall definitely be arranging tours with you for my guests when they do get to Belgrade. Fae, UK,  03/10/2002

I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your website.  I'm a little too addicted to the internet (low-cost travel, maybe?), but as a result, I believe I've probably seen it all as far as how websites can be presented.  Business websites from around the world tend to be especially lacking in spirit -- but you are the first web-site designer I've ever thought of contacting. I will forward you the email I just sent off to a handful of friends who are in, from, or interested in Serbia -- because I so wanted to share what I'd found.  But then I went back to your site and realized I'd neglected to share with them what struck me as best of all.  Your descriptions are just wonderful -- Could you be a writer perhaps, living a businessman's life? Christine, Virginia, USA,  03/11/2002

Postovani g-dine Raboticu! Svaka Vam cast na ovakvoj prezentaciji! Upravo sam je danas dobila od svoje  kume Amerikanke, koja je apsolutni obozavalac Srbije. "Prosetala" sam se vasim sitom i moram da Vam odam priznanje. Vesna, Wien, Austria,  03/11/2002

Hi , Mr. Rabotic You are the BEST.  I  met you personally long time ago in your travel agency in street 14. December in Belgrade. From that time I hear everything positive about you. Now I live in Miami Bch. and I was surprised when I saw Your site. It is very good, with all these pictures, maps and tours. I wish you everything the best. That's  the way!  Robert, USA, 04/29/2002


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Thank you for a very interesting and illuminating tour. Maureen, South Africa

We've been on your tour twice for a week! We can recommend it to everybody. We've brought our foreign friends; we must have liked your Fortress tour. Excellent! We'll be coming again! Smilja & Pedja, UK

What a beautiful day! We spent the last day of this millennium on the fascinating fortress, with a lot of known or completely unfamiliar historical details. Marvelous and exciting!  Ristic, Yugoslavia - UK

Belgrade that I saw and Belgrade that I thought in Japan are not the same. According to the news programs in Japan, I thought Belgrade was more dangerous and poorer, but it is not!  In a Japanese proverb we say "to see a single time is better than to listen a hundred times". We should see what it is by our own eyes. Some parts are old and historical and some parts are very modern. There are supermarkets, 'McDonalds' hamburger restaurants, and other kinds of western-style shops or restaurants. I didn't think that Belgrade was so modern. Morita Tetsuyuki, Japan

Dear Mr. Branko Rabotic, thank you very much for your guide services and help while I was in Belgrade. I was so satisfied of the stay in Yugoslavia. I wish to go to Yugoslavia again. Thanks a lot for doing your job so seriously.  Morita Tetsuyuki, Japan

Sucgarhthria gia ton kon Branko, htan polu kaloV sth xenaghsh. Me entupwsiase to frourio kai o kosmoV htan polu filikoV. PampoV, KuproV

From all of the group we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sofia, Cyprus

We had a brief, but outstanding city tour. Belgrade is a very nice city with very friendly people and attractive sites. Here, I feel at home. I think I'll come again to spend more days at this beautiful place. D. Papaeustathiou

O Mpranko RampotitV, o xenagoV thV  kupriakhV apostolhV, pou milaei aptaista ta ellhnika kai latreuei kaqe ti ellhniko, epimenei oti h giougkoslabikh krish ecei dhmiourghsei ena neo eidoV touristikou reumatoV gia th cwra tou. An sto parelqon oi episkepteV tou Beligradiou htan sthn pleioyhjia touV epiceirhmatieV kai..., oi shmerinoi episkepteV tou diakatecontai apo to aisqhma thV anazhthshV kai thV periergeiaV... StelioV Panagiwtou, KuproV: ALHQEIA 7/12/2000, TOURISMOS, 9/12/2000, H MACH, 10/12/2000, APOGEUMATINH, 13/12/2000

Branko, Thank you so much for my wonderful stay in Belgrade!  I would recommend that any traveler with a taste for adventure and culture visit Belgrade. It's a place with warm people, abundant cultural and historical treasures and the city and it's inhabitants have a special kind of zest for life that allows celebrations to breakout at any minute!  Once again, thank you so much for giving me an inside glimpse of this special city! Meridith, New York, USA, 07/03/2001

It was a real pleasure to be in your company on Wednesday. I learned so much and enjoyed every moment. I didn't expect Belgrade to be so beautiful. Kalemegdan had a spectacular view! Belgrade has so much potential... Thanks for such an enjoyable and fascinating city tour. I have no hesitation in recommending you for anyone travelling to Belgrade. Thanks again! John, Carlisle, UK, 04/21/2001

After a lengthy period of absence, we Slovenes have started visiting Belgrade again. Our recent visit to Belgrade was a marvelous experience: we met nice people there, and accommodation, music, food…were wonderful! With your kind help everything was much easier and more attractive. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to seeing you soon. Miha P., Slovenia, 04/25/2001 (translated)

Recently returned from Belgrade and had a fantastic time. Go now before the crowds do. Branko Rabotic, a local English speaking guide, runs guided tours of the city, which are fantastic. Several to chose from. Check out his website on which has full details. He's great company and will look after you. Lonely Planet, Thorn Tree Forum, posted: 06/16/2001

Thank you for the very interesting and individualized tour of Belgrade. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and will remember Belgrade and your competent introduction to the city... Khaldoun Sinno, Belgium, 08/28/2001

Hi Branko, We just wanted to say a big thank you to you for showing us how wonderful Belgrade is. Your knowledge of the city is remarkable and we were grateful to you for being patient with all our questions. The walk was timed perfectly and it was definitely the best way for us to see the city. Remi and Alice, London UK, 04/09/2002 

...I particularly recommend any guided tour by Branko Rabotic, a one-man authority on Belgrade and its history. Enjoy. Lonely Planet, Thorn Tree Forum, posted by John75, 04/14/2002

Hey Branko! Guess what, we are coming back to Belgrade!!! Yay - I am so excited!!! PLEASE say you will do another tour with us!! I totally love your style of personalising the place, now when I meet people from Belgrade living in Brussels, I think of walking through Kalemegdan Park and hearing your family stories... (where I saw the Crown Prince, remember?). Antonio was especially impressed by your vast knowledge. Your broad overview of the city's long history helped me to understand a little of the Serbians' experience, also of more recent events. You were just a GREAT guide: SUPER-BRAINY and SUPER-FRIENDLY and you even gave us a little extra of your time for free -- Thank you, Branko, from my heart! I will be in touch this week to fix a meeting - just please say you can plan another tour for us, I can't wait! From Antonio & Caroline from Italy/New Zealand. (05/12/2002)

Thank you very much for your instructive Belgrade and Vojvodina tours. They gave me a fair introduction to life in contemporary Serbia. They offered even more than that. I had the feeling to meet at last the smart local friend, knowing everything about his country, the person every traveller dreams of gathering at any destination, but everybody knows for sure will never wait at the airport. Once again thank you and may Beograd be the future city to visit by the masses. I had the privilege of being there before thanks to you... Daniel Martel, Département de Science politique / Department of Political Science, Geneva, Switzerland, 07/08/2002

Dear Branko, That (Belgrade Fortress Tour) was fun! Thank you. Here as promised are some comments which came out of our "coffee":
- "Very knowledgeable but never boring."
- "Good story telling."
- "Nice pace...didn't talk too fast, courteous."
- "Combined facts with humorous details."
- "Was able to keep a group of 13 ladies interested and quiet for 2.5 hours."
- "His deep affection for Serbia and its history came through."
- "Left us wanting to bring our husbands and friends to tell them what we had learned."
Rachel, IWC, Belgrade, 06/05/2004

Dear Mr. Rabotic, Thank you again for all your help during our visit to Serbia. We thoroughly enjoyed our tours with you and it helped us tremendously in obtaining an understanding of current day Serbia. The tour of Kalemegdan was particularly interesting as your description of it's place in history made the events of it's past come alive. I would highly recommend your services to anyone making their first trip to Serbia. Peter Stojic, USA, 06/18/2004 

Dear Branko, I am writing to thank you once again for the marvelous tour of Belgrade. We enjoyed our walking tour of the Kalemegdan so much that we went back a second time on our own! We found your rich knowledge of the history of Belgrade to be very rewarding. I will certainly recommend your services to friends and relatives who may wish to follow in our footsteps and enjoy the wonders of Belgrade. Rick Swanson, Minnesota, USA, 06/02/2004  

Dear Branko,
Apologies for our late correspondence.  My wife and I would like to thank you for your wonderful tour through what we found to be an extremely fascinating city.
As mentioned over the cappuccino at the end of the tour (and Serbians make great coffee by the way!), when we first started to plan out trip, we had a bit of difficulty obtaining tourist information from the UK due to the then lack of tourist guides in print.  That all changed once we came across your website.  Not only did we book an extremely insightful private tour of Belgrade, we used your 'Belgrade Hotels' section to select our accommodation, the 'Info & Tips!' section on everything from dining out to manners and customs, and the 'Search Serbia' for useful links to other Belgrade websites.
We did have a very good (but small) copy of 'In Your Pocket ? Belgrade' for the trip but your services added insight that no tour book could have given us.  There were sections of New Belgrade and the neighbourhoods around the White Palace that we would not have been able to see without your tour.  We also would have missed out on the stories behind the sites that only a local can give.
Thanks again for everything Branko.  We will be recommending your services to any of our friends, family members, and associates who plan to visit Belgrade.

Jesse and Fritha McCormick
London, UK, 03/14/2005

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful tour of Belgrade -- my family is still talking about it ... Rasha Drachkovich, USA, 04/08/2005

...But most importantly, I contacted and booked a walking tour with Branko Rabotic, who is a highly recommended tour guide cited in the book. He was indeed a very knowledgeable man and really helped me in orienting my way around the city... Cynthia R. i(an email to the Bradt Travel Guides), London, UK, 04/15/2005

Dear Branko,

Anyone who goes to Europe without visiting Belgrade (and also Montenegro) is making a big mistake. These were the best parts of our European trip (even though we went to many other countries on this trip), and also, a nice change from the extremely high restaurant prices of northern Europe. Thanks for the great half-day Belgrade tour. We saw many interesting sights, such as the Kalemegdan fortress. You are very knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic. Thanks especially for taking us inside the huge recently-built Church of St. Sava, a wonderful experience; I have read that the height and width of the dome are the same as Agia Sophia in Istanbul. The two buildings are certainly similar in style. We plan to return, probably next year, to take your full-day excursion to Manasija and Ravanica.
Gus and Colleen Platis, USA, 06/27/2005

Dear Mr. Rabotic,
I apologize for being so late in getting back to you regarding the wonderful tour we took with Mr. Pedrag Djordjevic.  Both the airport transfer with Mr. Rade and the Belgrade tour went very smoothly and without any problems. Mr. Pedrag was punctual, friendly and outgoing.  His English was superb and his knowledge was encyclopedic as you mentioned.  We learned so much about Belgrade and the country of Serbia during our tour.  We would highly recommend Mr. Pedrag to others as he made our trip to Belgrade so educational but exciting at the same time.  He was very open about talking with us about the history of your country and we feel we have a much better understanding of all that Serbia has been through.  Thank you so much for organizing our tour and for allowing Mr. Pedrag to be our guide. We definitely feel we got our money's worth and more!

Linda & Carl, USA, 08/19/2007

Dear Branco, here we are.
The transfer from the hotel to the airport was perfect in terms of timing and safety thanks to Rasha (sorry for the spelling…) and the flight to Zurich was on time. So we are now at home in Fribourg enjoying the nice weather.
We think back of our short stay in Belgrade and are very happy for every single minute we spent there. The dinner yesterday, after a walk in Zemun, was very very good and interesting: since they have no english menu, we trusted the waiter and we discovered an exceptional dish (turkey strips with home-made pasta and gorgonzola). Thank you very much for your wise advice!! This morning we discovered another part of the city by foot and took lunch in Stara Herzegovina : another very good address.
We hope to meet you again in the future and wish you all the best and much success in all your activities. Sincerely yours.
PS When will you write THE Belgrade-Guide?
Regula & Massimo, Switzerland, 08/04/2008

Dear Branislav, Once again a sincere and warm thank you for the wonderful tour we had on Saturday. My appreciation for the good choice you have made in showing us the most interesting, specific and sometimes "hidden" treasures we could have never (or very difficult) find out by ourselves. We could easily decide afterwards where we would like to go or what we would like to see again or explore in more detail. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I will not forget to bring a Murfatlar bottle next time I am in Belgrade :-))
I. Iliescu, Bucharest

Nj.K.V. Prestolonaslednik Aleksandar

"Postovani gospodine Raboticu,
Zelim da Vam se zahvalim na ljubaznosti i vremenu koje ste posvetili mojim gostima i da Vas uverim da cu taj gest Vaseg prijateljstva i paznje pamtiti.
Molim Vas da primite moje pozdrave i najlepse zelje za uspeh u svakom poduhvatu na opstu korist i na Vasu srecu."

Aleksandar, s.r.


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